Saturday, November 21, 2009

Define "a man"

What is it that makes one "a man"? First let's assume we are talking about male members of society...and for the sake of this blog I want to focus on married men with children.

So then how do we define "a man" or even "the man" in this context? The stereotype is "the man" has the job and makes the money to support the family then comes home and has his needs attended to...he pays the bills with little or no feedback from his wife...he plays with the kids but does not take care of them...he eats the meals prepared by his wife...he goes out with the boys when he chooses. I am sure there is more but what if one does not fit the mold? Does that make one more or less "a man"?

An average day for me is I get up via child alarm about 6:30am but normally try to snooze them until about 7. I prepare myself (skip the details) while Jenn, my wife, dresses the children. Then I prepare breakfast including setting up the coffee for Jenn (I don't drink it). Things vary a bit but then Sabrina (my oldest daughter) and I head off to the bus. With Sabrina safely on her way I drive 35-45 minutes to work. The work day is a different topic so once the day is done normally between 5-6pm (sometimes later due to meetings or the like) I set out for the drive home.

Once at home, Jenn often has dinner ready so we sit down as a family and enjoy our nourishment. Occasionally, we order pizza or if Jenn is uninspired I will make dinner. After cleaning up, which is most frequently my job, we head into the living room to play a bit maybe read or wrestle around. Every other night or so, I bathe the kids (3 of them) and get them ready for bed. We have family prayer then off to bed...or spending the next 30 minutes trying a number of different techniques, learned from those nanny shows on TV, to try to get the younger 2 to stay in bed.

I spend the next hour or two rotting my brain with television garbage, ha ha, we try to watch challenging shows like the Mentalist. I try to listen to Jenn talk about any number of topics she read about or wants to do this weekend or other random topics but sometimes I am not functioning well and tend to forget things she said. They sit in my head for about 30 seconds then poof.

I don't do the bills, while I think I did OK, Jenn has a real knack for it and keeps it running smoothly so I don't mess with it. I occasionally try to understand the setup (she has accounts and budgets and spreadsheets and all) but often just stop and shrug.

I am the one that thinks about feelings and spends time in deep thought about actions of others.

I have said that I think I am the woman in our marriage but maybe I just don't fit the stereotype...I don't want to fit the stereotype.

Basically, I try to avoid confrontation but will speak up when necessary...I just think life is too short to fight about stuff. I love my kids a ton and want to spend time with them but don't have the patience that Jenn does so I get frustrated quickly when they don't listen. I try to be strong and discipline but I am not as strict as Jenn so she often yells at the kids when I don't think she should...we have discussed this so don't think I am blogging behind her back.

Sometimes I wish I could command them (the kids or Jenn) to do what I want them to and they would just do it but I would rather they do it because they know I want it done and enjoy doing it...but that gets into another topic I am not comfortable blogging about.

I am starting to ramble so I will conclude...

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