Saturday, November 7, 2009

The curve ball...

When life throws you a curve ball you either stand with the bat on your shoulder and hope it is a ball or you take a swing, with your eyes wide open, and try to hit it...hard!

In my case, the curve ball came in the form of outsourcing. I won't cover the details nor how I personally feel about the decision but I will comment on how I plan to proceed. I am watching the ball leave the pitcher 's hand and I am gonna swing.

You see, God knows what is going on and he has a plan for everything. I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason but that we cannot always see the reason. If we could, we might react differently. If you already knew the final score would you still play the game?

So, I move on...the key goal is to stay employed. I am the sole income for my family and I will do whatever to make sure they are taken care wife has confidence in me and I in myself but only because she is there by my side and the Lord is faithful. This is an opportunity for me to see what I can be; to see if I can take my career to the next step. Maybe I will go with the outsourcer (if they offer) and make a career of it. They should offer a plethera of opportunities. Maybe I will take a job with another company or maybe I can sink back into a role with my current employer.

While this is a scary time and change is unsettling, I am kind of excited. Almost like driving an expensive sports car that you do not own. You are unsure because you do not want to wreck it but you really want to see what it can do and if your driving skills can control the beast under the hood. Ha ha, I like cars by the way.

Making lemonade...making lemonade...

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