Wednesday, February 3, 2010

No place like it...

Frustrated, busy, hurried, talking fast, walking fast, driving...umm, faster...yelling at the car in front of me that is not as fast.

The closer I get, the lighter the stress, the easier the drive...starting to sing to the radio...waving at the slow poke in front of me...with a smile.

Leave the car and the work day behind as I open the door after fumbling for my keys to find a small red haired girl, not softly...loudly exclaiming, "DADDY!" Then the oldest girl jumping to her feet, running into my arms chanting, "Daddy's home...daddy's home..." Followed closely by my son with a simple, "Hi Daddy."

Not to be left out the dog eases her way over to me with a wagging tail and a playful nudge with her nose.

I seek out my wife to tell her about all the dumb things that happened...then to hug and kiss her if the kids did not beat her up emotionally during the day.

Then what feels like a hundred different activities go on before dinner and for a few hours after dinner including bath on some nights or ballet or gymnastics or something else. The day begins to wind down...the kids are in bed, sometimes fighting sleep, finally giving up.

I rush down to the basement to work out, when I can motivate myself to do so...

After I drag myslef back up the steps, I sit on the warm soft couch with a cup of tea and some snack that I probably shouldn't eat...he he...winding down with a TV show or two.

Then off to bed...always the perfect end to any day. Good, bad, hard, easy, fun, boring...

It is never the building, it is those in is never the structure, it is the love is never the property, it is a hug to my is home.